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How can I force the car to stay in EV mode?

Sat Feb 03, 2018 4:13 am

I just got a new (2017) Sonata Plug-In Limited.
I have a short commute -- about 11 miles -- and I can charge for free at work. I'd like to stay in EV mode the whole time. But I have these issues:

(1) It's hard to tell what 'mode' the car is in. I see the green "EV" indicator to the left of the speedometer, but that is showing the instantaneous state -- running on the electric motor or the gas. I seem to only see the "mode" when I press the HEV button. Then I see the mode in the 'speedometer' (multi-function) display.

(2) Even when I switch to EV mode, if I hit the accelerator too hard, the gas engine fires up.

(3) The car seems to start in HEV mode. In order to get to EV mode, I have to hit the HEV button twice. The first press brings up "HEV mode" in the speedometer area, AND starts the gas engine (even if it's not needed). Then I press the HEV button again and I see "EV mode" in the display, and the gas engine turns off. This is annoying ... and worse, I'm worried that these very short spins of the gas engine are not good for the engine.

Is there a way to set EV mode as the 'default' on startup? And to discourage the computer from starting the gas engine?


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Re: How can I force the car to stay in EV mode?

Tue Mar 20, 2018 6:13 pm

Barry - you probably have answers to your questions by now. However I'll give you my responses.

I've had the 2017 Sonata PHEV for 14 months now. It always starts in EV mode with the Eco setting - this is the default setting. I always turn off the Eco mode setting because I want the extra power. If you accelerate gently the ICE (internal combustion engine) will not start and your car will remain in EV mode. This is not difficult to do. The car has a 6 speed automatic transmission and will accelerate smoothly through the gears in EV mode if you don't mash the pedal right away. From what you've described, I think your car (like mine) starts in EV mode and you're accelerating too fast and engaging the ICE. There's no need to press the HEV button to get into EV mode. Next time, just drive the car a bit more smoothly and carefully and it should stay in EV.

My goal when I'm driving the car is to use all the battery that day. I use EV in the city and on highways if I'm not travelling too far. Otherwise I prioritize EV for the city and use the gas engine for highways.

You probably noticed that the car glides in EV whenever it gets the chance even if you have it set to HEV mode.

You may not be aware that the car needs the engine running to generate heat for the cabin. So, you can be driving around in EV mode in winter but if you have the heater on, your gas engine will be idling. If that's the case, you might as well set your car to HEV mode and save your battery power for later. Usually if I'm alone in the car in the winter, I just use the seat and steering wheel warmers and keep my coat and hat on and stay in EV mode.

Hope you try my suggestions and let the forum know your results. I know for sure that I can drive the car around in EV mode without the engine being engaged all the way up to highway speeds. However, I'm not really concerned about this. The car provides excellent mileage already. I love driving around in EV mode but it doesn't bother me if the ICE engages intermittently. I have no reason to believe that the engine starting and stopping frequently is damaging. It was designed to function in this way.

Finally, the car is a PHEV not an EV and i operate it as such.

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