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acceleration problem => vehicle buyback

Fri Aug 03, 2018 5:20 pm

new to this forum. as you will see, probably not staying for long...

tried some searches here, on other forums, and Google but could not find anyone describing my problem. but, according to Hyundai USA I am not alone...

2017 Sonata Plug-in Hybrid purchased early December 2017. ~20, 000 miles.

on leaving work each day I turn left onto a busy 4 lane highway. the technique is to enter the turning lane, look for an opening, then accelerate into traffic. live close to work so typically on battery before acceleration. beginning earlier this year it would start to give out at ~50 mph - engine still running, sometimes racing, but no power to the wheels until it rolls for a few seconds. at first power to the wheels would come back in fairly quickly but eventually it left me rolling in the fast lane with no power for what seemed a very long time.

brought to the dealer last week of April. recreated problem on a city street. they worked to find and fix the problem over several visits. eventually they took it at the beginning of June. they ran tests and worked with Hyundai engineering. replaced high pressure fuel pump. did battery recall work order. replaced transmission. still produces same problem. on Wednesday dealer said they would be open to a buyback.

dealer has seen 6 of these cars. reproduced the problem on 3. I think I could have produced the problem on all 6.

talked to Hyundai corporate this morning. they are connecting me with department to handle buyback. mentioned that I was not the first receiving a buyback for this problem.

I don't know if y'all want to try this but it sounds like there is some kind of fundamental flaw with these vehicles.

has anyone seen this problem with their plug-in? does anyone want to try to reproduce the problem?

P.S. I have -all- the luck. The car I sold to buy this one was a 2014 Passat diesel... :|

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